Personal Hygiene


How To Maintain Good Personal Hygiene

Maintaining a proper hygiene leads to a better self-confidence and health. During the puberty stage, our bodies undergo many bodies’ changes; pimples appear, the skin gets oils, and without proper hygiene, our bodies may produce odors. It is important to keep a good health regularly.


It is advisable to take a shower twice or at least once a day. Taking a shower helps to get rid of odors, dead skin, and excessive grime. Use clean water to wash your private areas and any soap that is mild and gentle to avoid irritation.


Washing your hair is nice. You will be able to make your hair feel bouncy and soft by getting rid of unnecessary oils. Regular cleaning of your hair may result in your skin to dry and causes dandruff. Wash your hair once or twice in seven days if it is thick and curly. Brush you hair daily to keep it neat but do not over brush it as it may result in hair breakage.

Put on clean clothes

Wearing clean clothes including your undergarment and others is important. You will have irritations which may result into infections by wearing dirty clothes. Replace your clothes if they have a permanent odor or a stubborn stain. Always wash your clothes to have a pleasant smell and be healthy.

Brush your teeth regularly

Ensure you brush, use mouthwash and floss your teeth at least twice a day. Your teeth will be cleaner, whiter and you will have fresh breath. You will have healthy teeth if you brush them regularly by using a good toothpaste and soft brush.

Apply lotion

Ensure you use lotion on your skin after taking a bath. Lotion assists in replacing the lost body oil after you have taken a shower. It is essential in moisturizing your skin. If you are heading out to somewhere like college, work or leisure activities, make sure you finish with a deodorant.

Utilize cologne or perfume

It is essential to use a cologne and perfume to have a sweet smell. Do not over do, just spray a little and it works magic producing a lovely scent. If you have an allergy, use a mild cologne or perfume.

Wash your hands

vfgtsdeghyjYou should remember to wash your hands regularly prior meal preparation or eating, after sneezing, before and after changing the baby’s diaper and after handling garbage. It helps in stopping the spread of viruses and bacteria. You can utilize hygiene products like sanitizing gel if you do not have water and soap.