How To Decrease Your Appetite


Appetite is both a physical and psychological aspect. Most of the time you feel it is time to eat even though you are not hungry, or you eat when stressed or bored. Several diet pills and weight loss programs are being marketed as food suppressants; however, it is possible to reduce your appetite naturally by exercising and diet.

Suppressing your hunger

1. Get full with fiber

You will feel full by taking meals rich in fiber as they are non-digestible complex carbohydrates with few calories. Meals like oatmeal are perfect as they help to reduce appetite and they provide energy by regulating the release of insulin and blood sugar.

2.Eat dark chocolatedcdvbewr

You can take dark chocolate to decrease your appetite as it made of 70%cocoa, so it better enough to suppress your appetite. Cocoa has stearic acid which is known for slowing down digestion making you feel full for longer.

3. Drink coffee

You can suppress your appetite in the morning by taking coffee. But coffee may have opposite effects on some people. It is better to know how coffee can affect you before taking it.

4. Try with carbohydrates

You will get sufficient energy for running your metabolism by taking starches and sugars. You will feel fuller by taking carbohydrates created from starch. You will be able to decrease your appetite and satisfy your hunger by taking carbs as they are digested slowly.

Regulating your hunger

1. Snack on healthy meals

You can always snack on vegetables, fruits, fish or chicken breast in the afternoon. You will be able to control your hunger up dinner time with these healthy snacks. By taking these snacks, you get other essential nutrients in your body like proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Make sure you avoid drinks and sugary products as they do not satisfy your hunger which drives you to snack on them throughout the day continuously.

2. Take your breakfast daily

hbefeheBreakfast is an essential meal of the day, as your body fasts throughout the night and decreases hunger during the day. If you skip your breakfast, you will end up snacking throughout the day. Taking breakfast helps in reducing nighttime eating syndrome. This eating disorder involves overeating through the night whereby people who suffer from this disorder wake up at night to eat. Studies show that skipping breakfast causes hypertension, elevated fasting lipid concentrations, weight gain, and insulin resistance. It is not also advisable to skip meals as it will lead you to regularly snack which may cause weight gain instead of the opposite.…